Seastainability: interview with our Charter Experience Manager

12 November 2020

‘Alliance creates strength…’

In November 2020, Gemma Harris, founder of Seastainable Yachting, approached Ocean Alliance and interviewed our Experience(d) Charter Manager, Laurie Foulon on all things sustainability in the superyacht industry and opportunities for the future.

Laurie has been a key part of the Ocean Alliance team since 2014 and just celebrated her 6th anniversary alongside MD, Joachim Howard. Together, they are passionate about reducing their personal impact on the planet via their day-to-day lives, and are empowered to open conversations within the industry.

As a company, does Ocean Alliance currently have any other sustainable initiatives in place or in the future pipeline?

“We strive to live in a plastic-free environment, primarily as individuals of an organisation, as we believe in leading by example.

Jo and I are not afraid to have the conversations about single-use plastics, whether that is with the local café or when we speak with crew members, when we attend events if it is appropriate. We are also involved in the event management space in Sydney, and have opened up conversations with the yachts’ caterers to try and understand ways to reduce the amount of waste.

It is a continuous journey, but the subject cannot be ignored anymore: our business relies on the ocean, its health and life, anywhere in the world.

We will be looking to continue the journey and be inspired by anyone who works in the incredible marine environment we are so lucky to be supported by!

The company’s next exciting project is going to be announced soon… Ocean Alliance is the first superyacht companies to be aligning with a non-for-profit organisation to survey and protect the Great Barrier Reef. Stay tuned!

There is also a new concept I am personally exploring at the moment: regenerative travel is the new sustainable!”


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This is a series of ocean conversations from Ocean Alliance.

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