Culture. Lifestyle. History. The East Mediterranean is an endless stream of yachting pleasures, each with its own individual character. An East Med superyacht charter is an enriching experience that one day can leave you to take in the scenic splendours along the colourful coasts, and the next send you on a journey through ancient history to uncover mythical Greece.

Just a short cruise from the romanticism of Venice is Croatia, an enchanting and sun-drenched superyacht delight. Perfectly balanced between Old Town charm and modern luxuries, Dubrovnik has become a thriving haven for superyachts. Located off the Dalmatian coast, the Croatian island of Hvar lures you in with the intrigue of its medieval fortress and Renaissance-era Cathedral. With everything in place to welcome you as a first port of call, Hvar also boasts secluded beaches and a famously vibrant nightlife. A magical and mystical country, mainland Greece is home to treasures of the Ancient World. From the extraordinary city of Athens to the enchanting seaside town of Katakolo, Greece is a cultural haven with a wealth of history to be explored. One you have tasted the Ancient treasures, let your itinerary take you to the picturesque Greek Islands surrounded by the glistening azure sea.

The islands of Rhodes and Mykonos will add some cosmopolitan glamour to your experience, and the beautiful Ionian shores will keep you in a peaceful bliss. 

This special and unique corner of the Mediterranean is a cultural melting pot full of colours, flavours and sights that will leave you wanting to come back for more. A summer superyacht charter in Turkey is perfect for those who want the best of both, with turquoise waters surrounding the country’s stimulating towns. Experience the hustle and bustle of Turkey’s bazaars, find a secluded anchorage, or feed your sense of adventure by exploring the ancient ruins in the hilltop villages. 

Montenegro is home to one of the world’s most all-encompassing superyacht homeports, Porto Montenegro. With world-class marine facilities and an all year-round calendar of events, it is no surprise that so many superyachts have made Porto Montenegro their home. Nestled in the UNESCO protected Boka Bay, this is an ultimate superyacht paradise that offers guests with ample luxury and privacy. Montenegro itself is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. While the sublime Adriatic cruising grounds will provide adventure on the water, exploring Montenegro’s mountains will lead you to uncover charismatic old towns protected by ancient fortresses.