Submersible Subs the new must have!

19 October 2017

“The perfect addition for an expedition yacht is a submersible, taking exploration into an extra dimension – downwards.”


Source Superyacht Australia.

Submersibles are the new ‘must-have’ aboard superyachts, particularly those of the explorer or expedition variety, as owners and charter guests seek new realms to explore.

Rivergate Marina & Shipyard in Brisbane on Australia’s east coast has been commissioned to install new Triton submersibles on board a significant expedition superyacht, planning a global itinerary with owners who are keen divers, intent on exploring deeper than humanly possible with scuba alone.

“Subs come into their own in water depths from 200 metres,” says Steve Fisher, Rivergate’s Director of International Business. “Rivergate was consulted for our technical capability, facilities and expertise and will be refitting the client’s chase boat with the customised installations for davit, docking, stowage and refuelling. Rivergate’s onsite marine architect, Tommy Ericson, of the Aus Ships Group is guiding the design and installation work.”

Steve Fisher, who attends significant yacht shows around the world representing Rivergate, says he has observed the increasing popularity of submersibles and other hightech watercraft onboard superyachts.

“Mankind has explored less than five percent of the ocean, despite it covering 70 percent of the planet’s surface. Our fascination with the ocean depths can only be sated by a sub. The rise of the sub is being driven by a new generation of yacht owners more orientated towards experiences than pure ownership.”

Louise Harrison, Director, Sales & Marketing at Triton submersibles agrees. “Today’s owners are motivated by adventure and cruising to locations that are further off the beaten track. The perfect addition for an expedition yacht is a submersible, taking exploration into an extra dimension – downwards.”

According to Ms Harrison, submersible technology has advanced tremendously in recent years. “The submersibles of today have transparent pressure hulls that can descend to 1,000 metres, 2,000 metres and beyond, and are safe, simple to operate and easy to maintain, putting this mode of exploration into the hands of many more owners.”

Described as “the Swiss-army knife” of subs, Triton subs boast transparent acrylic pressure hulls which are constructed from an entirely different process than the rest of the market for higher quality and visibility underwater. “We also pride ourselves on our after-sales service. Our pilots and engineers fly to literally every corner of the globe to support our customers, and we work hard to keep our customers independent, with
submersibles that are easy to maintain and operate in the field.”

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