The Most-Exciting New Activities to Enhance a Superyacht Charter

27 October 2023

Superyacht charters provide the ultimate escape, the opportunity to embark on worldwide adventures with all the luxury and comforts afforded in high-end residences and hotels.  

The nature of yacht charters is ever evolving, with new possibilities reimagining the type of itineraries guests can access. Here, we look at some of the most exciting new activities that are enhancing the charter experience.  


Technological advancements and the growing appetite for exploration have heralded an exciting new opportunity for the world of yachting. No longer are submersibles exclusively reserved for marine biologists, researchers, and James Cameron.  

Personal submersibles and mini submarines provide charter guests with the chance to explore the depths of the deep blue sea like never before. Truly immersing oneself in spectacular underwater environments, the proliferation of submersibles has added another unique way in which to forge unforgettable memories with friends and family while enjoying the yachting adventure.  

Latest Watersports Trends: 

Watersports have always been a quintessential component of the yachting experience, but the latest trends are taking these thrills to a whole new level.  

The on-water adventure has been taken to the skies with the availability of flyboarding onboard yachts. Charter guests can take-off with the sensation of wearing their own personal Iron Man suit, soaring above the waves in a thrill that combines jet propulsion and acrobatics.  

Not all emerging watersports are quite so fast-paced, with Seabobs providing an alternative tranquil way to explore the surrounding environment. Gliding effortlessly beneath the water surface, Seabobs are a fantastic way to get up close and personal with the vibrant marine life like never before. 

Health & Wellness: 

Superyacht charters aren’t always all about swashbuckling expeditions, high-octane thrills, and parties. While rejuvenation has always been a core component of charters, superyachts have benefitted from greater health and wellness offerings onboard.  

There are many immersive experiences designed to invigorate your mind, body and soul commonly found on modern charter yachts. These activities can be seamlessly integrated into your itinerary to provide the opportunity to use your yacht as a travelling spa.  

From onboard yoga and meditation to massage therapies and fitness centres, superyachts offer a platform for holistic wellbeing experiences, with professionally trained crew on hand to help.  

Sustainable Adventures:

At Ocean Alliance, we champion a culture of Yachting for Purpose, offering charterers the ability to incorporate meaningful contributions to the ecosystem which provides the basis of their experience.  

There is an increasing demand and expectation for more sustainable practices in charter operations, and this extends to guest activities. From sustainably sourced gourmet dining experiences to participation in marine conservation efforts, it is ever important to protect the marine environment that provides unforgettable memories.  

Ocean Alliance joined forces with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to provide a world-first initiative for superyacht Owners and Charterers to participate in conservation efforts on the Reef. 35m yacht BELUGA became the first ever superyacht to participate in the Great Reef Census, a citizen science project to capture reconnaissance data across the Reef. 

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