The Ultimate Adventure & Expedition Charter Destinations

2 November 2023

When it comes to superyacht charters, the possibilities for inspiring adventures are endless. At Ocean Alliance, we curate experiences. Our passion is to work alongside our clients to develop charter itineraries perfectly tailored to their individual preferences and interests.  

Many charterers have taken an interest in expanding the scope of superyacht charters beyond the traditional realm, using their luxury yacht as a platform for swashbuckling adventures and expeditions. 

For those seeking the thrill of navigating unchartered waters and tapping into new experiences, Ocean Alliance has designed a selection of expedition charter destinations that promise unforgettable adventures.  

From the rugged beauty of the Kimberley to the untouched wilderness of Papua New Guinea and ice-breaking escapades in the Pacific Northwest, the voyage of a lifetime is waiting for you.


Papua New Guinea is a destination that beckons the explorer within. Superyacht charters here are brimming with unique encounters both on land and in the waters as you explore a region of untouched natural beauty and rich culture.  

Guests will feel as though they have been transported into another world. Exploring everythingfrom active volcanoes to mesmerizing reefs, with modern luxuries always at your disposal.  

Papua New Guinea is an inspiring destination for yachting activity, with 10 coastal provinces leading onto thrilling cruising grounds where you will truly get the most out of your superyacht. 

Charter itineraries here can be designed to incorporate your perfect blend of thrilling dives, immersive cultural experiences, and encounters with unique wildlife.   



Superyacht charters need not always be about soft white sands and turquoise waters. There is an ever-growing demand from certain charter demographics to venture beyond the traditional routes and explore the world’s remote wildernesses. This is exactly what the Pacific Northwest offers in abundance.  

Alaska and British Columbia provide a captivating base for exploration that would entice any nature lover and wildlife enthusiast. By means of luxury superyacht, our guests have the opportunity to access the most secluded and exclusive corners of this natural paradise.


Alaska is a remarkably distinctive superyacht experience, epitomizing adventure as you navigate the Inside Passage on an ice-breaking voyage through a frozen forest of glittering glaciers, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Be sure to look out for the extraordinary wildlife, including eagles, bears, whales, and seals, all seen from the comfort of your yacht.  

British Columbia is a northern yachting paradise that encompasses an impressive expanse of thrilling landscapes best explored by yacht. In particular, the Indian Arm is a spectacular yachting experience where you can cruise through a panoramic glacial fjord characterized by alpine lakes, entrancing waterfalls, and creeks.  



Australia’s Kimberley region is often referred to as the last natural frontier and it is easy to see why. This rugged wilderness tempts superyachts with the prospect of unique and unforgettable expeditions, perfect for yacht guests seeking a fresh adventure.

This is quite simply a charter experience that cannot be replicated in any other region of the world. Dramatic red cliffs tower over the pristine cruising grounds, with a staggering wealth of scenic anchorages that provide a gateway to enlightening experiences.  

Guided tours by local Indigenous people will provide a different perspective on Australia’s rich culture and history, visiting rock art dating back 50,000 years and immersing yourselves in tales of a culture that has survived for centuries. Of course, you are never far away from a swim in the freshwater lagoons or a hike through the enchanting rainforest. 

Ocean Alliance Managing Director, Joachim Howard, provides his insights on superyacht charters in the Kimberley in the Australia InDepth episode ‘An Explorer’s Playground’, featuring charter yacht AKIKO.  

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