Turkish Delights on an Exclusive Superyacht Charter

28 August 2020

The glittering Turkish coastline is the perfect setting for a superyacht charter in the late Mediterranean summer months. The region offers the perfect mix of vibrant city life, quaint villages, and stunning coastlines which create unforgettable superyacht adventures.

A recent report by Bloomberg has unveiled an increase in superyachts heading to Turkey, with over 63 superyachts currently cruising Turkey’s crystalline waters. There is no better way to enjoy a safe and socially distanced holiday than onboard a private superyacht. Now more than ever, yacht charters are being seen as the ideal escape, and there are plenty of reasons to head to the blissful paradise of Turkey.

The southern coast of Turkey is brimming with maritime treasures and fascinating towns which welcome yachts with a warm and wonderful culture. This is the ultimate destination to get away from the stresses and strains which have engulfed the world in recent months.

Marmaris is a hive of yachting activity all year round, boasting sublime natural harbours, secluded sun-soaked island, and a thriving nightlife. The diverse experiences offered here include touring the mysterious phosphorous caves, trekking through the jungle and snorkelling with the abundant marina life. This coastal town is an idyllic stop for superyacht charters, where guests can unwind in the gorgeous climate and enjoy the luxury of their superyacht in breath-taking surroundings.

Further charming Turkish seaside towns are found in Bodrum and the Gulf of Gocek. Bodrum is well known internationally for its vibrant nightlife and similarities to the French Riviera. An air of tranquillity radiates from the whitewashed houses and palm trees which line the exotic coastline. Bodrum is a perfect base for superyachts to explore the beautiful stretches of beaches in the area, while the city itself is where guests can sample exquisite local tastes overlooking the turquoise waters.

For a pure yachting experience, Gocek offers unparalleled natural beauty and some of the Mediterranean’s best cruising grounds. The Gulf of Gocek is home to dramatic mountain ranges, cosmopolitan towns and pristine beaches. Four of Turkey’s main superyacht marinas are based in Gocek, providing safe berthing and world-class amenities. Heading out from the shore you will uncover a trail of glorious islands which provide ample opportunities for superyacht adventures. Cruising the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Gocek, you will get the best out of your superyacht experience, even taking to water toys for some thrills on the water.

The energetic metropolis of Istanbul is another unique experience that must be sampled during your time in Turkey. Istanbul is a city developed on the historic backdrop of Ottoman and Byzantine influences, whose fascinating cultural heritage now blends in harmoniously with modern luxuries. A trip to Istanbul is incomplete without a troll through the markets of the Grand Bazaar. In the Nisantasi district you will find a more exclusive shopping experience, along with art galleries and a lively nightclub scene.

That superyachts are flocking to Turkey should come as no surprise. This is a complete superyacht destination with incredibly unique experiences that provide an exhilarating charter experience. Though the border with Greece is closed due to ongoing political tensions, there is so much to explore in Turkish waters that makes for a sensational superyacht charter. To find out more about chartering in Turkey, speak to one of the Ocean Alliance team or browse our Turkey itinerary.

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