Unveiled: Australia Indepth Trailer

29 September 2021

The first official trailer for the Superyachts.com Australia InDepth series was launched at the Monaco Yacht Show this year, giving a glimpse into Australia’s holistic offering as a superyacht destination.

Ocean Alliance Managing Director Joachim Howard features in one of the 9 episodes, discussing the staggering possibilities for superyacht cruising in Australia.

The full documentary will be unveiled over the coming months on Superyachts.com, and it’s divided into two parts: the first uncovers Australia’s diverse all-year-round cruising grounds, with interventions from leading industry representatives and superyacht captains. The second part is dedicated to the remarkable infrastructure and industry that covers all facets of service for superyachts in the country.

The passing of the Special Recreational Vessels Act in December 2019 was a watershed moment for the Australian superyacht industry. The Act now permits foreign flagged superyachts to charter in Australia without being imported, and offers fresh inspiration for thrilling on-water adventures for those eager to try something unique.

Hollywood star Will Smith was the first to charter a foreign flagged yacht in Australian waters in the immediate aftermath of the new legislation.

Though the global pandemic set major restrictions to the industry, the demand for exploration and new adventures is growing. Australia’s abundance of natural splendour and unique experiences cater to those looking to try something new and bring the spirit of exploration back into yachting.

Australia’s rugged and remote wilderness then becomes the series’s focus, with a look at regions such as the awe-inspiring Kimberley – a truly unique destination for cruising where much of the natural beauty and wildlife can only be seen by yacht.


AKIKO in the Kimberley

Australia’s isolated destinations are ideal for explorer yachts looking to fulfil the purpose they were designed for, as well as guests wanting to immerse themselves in nothing but stunning landscapes and prolific wildlife. From these isolated areas, the series then casts a spotlight on cities and luxury experiences throughout Australia.

The iconic Sydney as well as other vibrant cities across the country from the events capital of Melbourne to the festival atmosphere of the Gold Coast and tropics of Cairns, each of Australia’s cities has a unique offering and central marina facilities to accommodate superyachts.

Australia’s thriving refit and maintenance shipyards are vital to ensuring that large superyachts visiting the Asia-Pacific region have access to all the service facilities needed to enjoy their stay trouble-free.

No matter where their itinerary may take them, superyachts can also find a home in the country’s array of world-class marinas. Whether in the Whitsundays at the multi- award-winning Coral Sea Marina, at the Gold Coast’s 5 Gold Anchor Platinum Sanctuary Cove Marina, or up in the tropics of Cairns at Cairns Marlin Marina, Australia’s experienced marina operators know what is required to ensure each yacht maximises their experience.

Australia also has a long and illustrious history with yacht building, one which dates back to design legend Jon Bannenberg and is today graced with names such as Sam Sorgiovanni. In Western Australia, the documentary shows the Australian Marine Complex – the home of Australia’s custom superyacht builders Echo Yachts and Silver Yachts.

These shipyards have delivered iconic superyachts Bold and White Rabbit in recent years, and we learn about their different approaches to building unique, custom superyachts.

With this just the beginning of a new era for superyacht charter in Australia, the series will also cover the many large-scale developments in place across the country. There are major shipyard investments in place, from the Northern Territory’s Darwin Ship Lift Project, to Rivergate’s $200M expansion and developments at both shipyards in the Gold Coast. To welcome an influx in larger vessels, there are also key expansions of berthing facilities, not least at the Gold Coast’s Southport Yacht Club where a 160m berth is near-completion.

The Australia InDepth series will provide a complete visual guide to one of the world’s most enticing yachting destinations, from both a charter and industry standpoint. With owners and charterers looking to discover new experiences in serene natural environments, Australia is the natural choice for adventure.

Stay tuned to follow the release of the SY Original Australia InDepth documentary on Superyachts.com.

Copy co-credit by George Bains

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