Why a Sydney Superyacht Charter Offers Much More Than The Harbour Bridge

7 September 2020

There is perhaps no more iconic sight for a superyacht than sailing past the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House on New Years’ Eve. There is, however, much more substance to a superyacht charter in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Beyond the inner-city charms and luxury delights, there are stunning secluded beaches and bays which provide a perfect setting to enjoy an exclusive superyacht escape.

To begin with the city itself, Sydney is well positioned to welcome superyacht charters all year round. A gently humid climate, Sydney boasts an abundance of sunny days and its seasons never veer into the extreme, with blue skies in winter and a sea breeze which keeps the city refreshed in the summer heat.  

The central location of Sydney’s renowned harbour gifts superyachts the rare opportunity to sit in the heart of one of the world’s most exhilarating cities. Naturally, the Harbour is the biggest attraction for visiting yachts and charter guests. The ability to provide safe berthing in the centre of the city, putting guests at just a short tender ride from some of Sydney’s world-famous landmarks and events, is a truly unique offering. For a luxurious city break, Sydney has it all. From unmissable events to lavish shopping districts and exquisite fine dining, there is much to be packed into a Sydney itinerary. Of course, all of this will be experienced with the full exclusivity of a superyacht charter, providing guests with VIP access and treatment to see the city from a completely different perspective.

Venture further than the Harbour and you will discover beautiful untarnished nature and a wealth of diverse activities to get stuck into. Whether taking to the waters for swimming, fishing and water sports, or adventuring into the wild on scenic hinterland hikes, Sydney has it all.

Of course, there are plenty of stunning beaches for quiet relaxation where you can enjoy your superyacht in blissful surroundings. Head to the Eastern Beaches and anchor at Athol Bay for a trip to the Taronga Zoo. At Taronga Zoo, you can become acquainted with over 5000 animals with unbeatable views back across Sydney. The Eastern Beaches also has fascinating historic sites such as Watsons Bay and Vaucluse Bay, adding extra inspiration to your superyacht charter.

Thrilling sea plane or helicopter tours are often integrated into charters in this area, giving you an awe-inspiring perspective of Sydney before you land to enjoy spectacular fresh seafood at fine dining restaurants. Keen golfers should not pass up the opportunity to play a round at the Royal Sydney Golf Course, famous for hosting the Australian Open.

Sailing north via the Great Pacific Ocean, you will reach the yachting paradise of Pittwater and Broken Bay. Here, you will find some of the most captivating cruising grounds in Australia, along with plenty of facilities for visiting yachts and delectable restaurants hidden away in secluded bays. It is hard to imagine that such an area of pristine natural beauty exists only 40 kilometres from the city centre, and you will feel as though you have been transported into a different world. The Royal Motor Yacht Club is always a hive of yachting activity, and is certainly worth a visit.

There is so much to explore in the surrounding area of Pittwater that perfectly suits the adventurism of a superyacht charter. Whale Beach and Palm Beach are idyllic locations in the nearby Northern Beaches, perfect for quiet days spent soaking up the sun and disconnecting from the world. This is also another popular area for sea plane tours.

To fill your charter with diverse experiences, there are plenty of on land activities to engage in. In the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park you can immerse yourself in untouched natural beauty as well as gain a unique insight from guided Aboriginal tours of significant heritage sites. The National Park is also home to a mesmerising waterfall at America Bay, and guests can delve into the water in great swimming spots. A delightful cruise up the Hawkesbury River is a great little anchorage at Dangar Island, where guests can disembark their yacht to enjoy water sports and walking treks through the Kiparra Reserve Park.

As a superyacht charter destination, Sydney has a holistic offering that allows you to make great use of your yacht while exploring the variety of waterways, bays and phenomenal cruising grounds. Along the way there are so many unique experiences that will fill your adventure and can be tailored to personal preferences. For more information on a superyacht charter in Sydney, view our Sydney Itinerary or contact one of the Ocean Alliance team.  

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