Why the Great Barrier Reef Offers the Ultimate Superyacht Escape

7 August 2020

There are very few destinations in the world which can match the overall appeal of the Great Barrier Reef for a luxury superyacht charter.

Boasting over 2,900 individual reefs and a kaleidoscope of colours, this is a dream for any adventurous explorer or luxury holidaymaker with an appetite for the ocean. However, there is so much more that the region offers, from high-octane thrills to enlightening cultural experiences. With the bustling homeport of Cairns as its beating centre, here’s why the Great Barrier Reef should be your next destination…

Adventure on the Water

There is no more obvious place to start than with the Great Barrier Reef’s second-to-none diving conditions, the only issue being how to decide on which reef to explore first!

This natural wonder of the world covers over 344,400km2 and stretches for over 2,300km along Queensland’s gloriously sun-drenched coastline. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, the delights of the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem will leave you mesmerised. With over 600 types of coral and 1625 species of fish, there truly is nowhere comparable to the Great Barrier Reef for unique diving experiences.

When exploring the ribbon reefs, you are likely to spot anything from barracudas and whitetip reef sharks to dwarf minke whales and large rays. Fortunately, with vastly experienced Captains and crew in the region, you will have the best guides to ensure you get the most out of your time. The exclusivity of a superyacht charter lets you in on the hidden treasures and magical reefs that are inaccessible to other visitors, so you will feel as though the reef is yours.

A plethora of activities available when chartering a superyacht in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park will satisfy the interests of any guest onboard. Even without the world-class diving sites, there is so much to be enjoyed on the waters. The water temperatures of the Great Barrier Reef provide phenomenal opportunities for big-game fishing, and right now is the perfect season to try your hand at catching black marlin, sailfish, and other pelagic species. For those seeking a little more adrenaline on their adventure, take to your water toys to explore the limitless surrounding ocean. The seascape of the Great Barrier Reef is perfect for testing all your water toys to their maximum and feeling the full thrill of the ocean.

Stunning Natural Beauty

The region’s wealth of natural beauty extends to what can be found on land. When chartering in the northern areas, a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest will add extra spice to your adventure. The Rainforest is easily accessible from both Cairns and Port Douglas, and the jungle experience gives the Great Barrier Reef region an added gem for charterers to enjoy.

Port Douglas is an enchanting tropical escape where rainforest meets reef, and is a fantastic base for exploring both sides. The Undara National Park, just 275 kilometres from Cairns, offers a unique volcanic landscape made up of 164 volcanoes, vents, and cones – making for an awe-inspiring helicopter tour.

Superyacht charters often pass through the fascinating and historically indigenous town of Cooktown, north of Port Douglas and the Daintree. Here, charter guests are treated to dramatic landscapes, eye-opening bush walks and sublime sunsets.

Cultural Experiences

If broadening the mind is an integral part of travel, then there is no greater place to learn new things than in the sublimely beautiful Great Barrier Reef Region. On land and at sea, you will immerse yourself in a new way of life that will help you to see the world through a different lens.

Superyacht charters through Tropical North Queensland are enrichened by a wealth of aboriginal experiences. In Cooktown, the Rainbow Serpent Rock Art tour takes you on a spiritual journey back in time where you will discover 6 unique sites each steeped in tradition and history. In the rugged and remote mountain areas is an intimate wilderness experience where you will learn how the Kuku-yalanji people survived for thousands of years, calling on all of your five sense. Nowhere else in the world can you be exposed to such diverse experiences, from the glistening waters of the Great Barrier Reef to this rugged outback. The warm and generous welcome that you will receive from Australia’s Aboriginal people will be just the start of a journey that will connect you to the heart and soul of Australia.

Luxury in Abundance

Whether you are on your yacht or stopping off at one of the many world-class resorts throughout the region, you will find luxury in abundance. It is not just the sights of the land and sea that will savour, but the tastes. The location benefits from exquisite fresh seafood and tropical fruit, which filter into the world-class restaurants and onboard your superyacht – where the Great Barrier Reef fleet are well serviced by creative professional chefs (many of whom are up for Acrew awards).

Luxury resorts in Hamilton Island, Port Douglas, Lizard Island and throughout provide the perfect stop-off during your charter adventure. The Luxury Lodges of Australia offer a pampering, champagne-sipping simply overflowing with opulent spas, magnificent food, and luxury amenities.


There is no superyacht charter opportunity quite like the Great Barrier Reef. An eclectic mix of experiences and unique World Heritage listed natural wonders provides the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable escape, balancing luxurious remote paradises with captivating cultural encounters. As you consider your next adventure, look no further than the Great Barrier Reef.

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