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5 January 2016

Why quality catering is key for an unforgettable yacht charter event on the water

5 January 2016 – By Laurie Foulon

One of the most important ingredients for an unforgettable yacht experience is food. A luxury charter event experience is elevated with the best detailed food and the best drink to match each dish.

We understand the importance of catering to your needs and we are proud to announce a new season of culinary decadence with Plated, our onboard yacht catering partners.

We recently caught up with Savva Savvas, Director of Plated, who explains their top values and their modus operandi to satisfy the needs of all the clients onboard.

There is no sacrifice, for quality brings a 5 star culinary experience on the water.

plated onboard yacht catering

Interview with our onboard caterers Plated

Q: When did your passion for food start?

My passion for food comes from people’s interaction with it. Food unites people, and when put together well it can create lasting memories.

Q: When did you started Plated and what lead you to start your own catering business?

PLATED turns 20 this year. It started completely by default. I was fortunate to cut my teeth with one of Sydney’s finest catering back in the beginning where I learnt the importance of quality food supported by quality service.

Q: What are the top values at Plated?

Making people happy with food.

Q: What sets Plated apart from its competitors?

I don’t really know what our competitors do. I know what we do and we do it well. I would suggest doing it well is what sets us apart.

Q: Who’s Plated team?

We are a team of five industry professionals working together each with a strong skill base that allows us to function in harmony… most of the time!

Q: What can a client expect from a Plated catering experience?

A quality food experience synonymous with the quality and luxury offered by the yacht as well as on land.

Q: You have been working with Ocean Alliance on various events, talk us through preparing for a luxury yacht catering experience.

Preparation of these events are based around the client’s booking schedule. They have an option of booking menus from the package however the best results and happiest of customers are those who contact us direct to create specific menu packages.

Q: What would be your ultimate food menu and drink menu to match a private event on a superyacht in Sydney Harbour?

Now that’s rather easy! Seafood, champagne, beer, seafood, beer, seafood, champagne and ice cream desserts.

Q: How does Plated strive to satisfy all the clients’ needs?

We discuss many service options with clients until we find an option that resonates with them and the style and timing of the event. The food then flows.

Q: How does Plated work with clients to put together bespoke menus?

Questions. We ask many questions. Clients have an very good idea in their heads about what they want. We just need to extract the information… with questions!

Q: To round off this mouth watering conversation, would you take us through the must-try signature dish (or dishes) at Plated?

There are literally many. The scallop ceviche with tamari, cucumber and olive salt or perhaps the black fig with gorgonzola and prosciutto – then again, I can’t get past the vanilla pannacotta with spiced pineapple…

Yum, thanks very much Savva! We look forward to the next chartering adventure with the best food from Plated. 


There is no complete experience without the food, and Plated know what they are doing. The best yacht catering available to you, from the gifted hand of our partners, Plated.

Contact us to start planning your next yacht chartering event.