Italian East Coast

For those with a fresh appetite for discovery and adventure, the towns and villages that light up the Italian east coast provide a glamorous escape under the sultry Mediterranean sun.

This is a part of the world that is synonymous with elegance, affluence, and pristine beauty.
The Italian east coast boasts a seductive stretch of coastline sprinkled with enchanting coastal enclaves and fascinating cities overlooking the crystalline Adriatic. A superyacht itinerary through this part of Italy would be incomplete without a visit to Venice, a city which encapsulates the very best of Italian style and luxury. Along your journey to Venice you will encounter glitzy resort towns, invigorating Renaissance settlements and delightful coastal towns.


Venice needs no introduction. The charm and history of this island oasis will forever resonate with dazzling opulence, providing the ultimate destination for luxury yacht travel. Scintillating ivory palazzi stand proudly on either side of the emerald waters of the Grand Canal. The chic elegance which flows through this city is intertwined with charming medieval warrens which make Venice a string of luminous pearls.

Venice, or La Serenissima as it is known to many, is a 1400-year-old maze of meandering treasures.

Those with an eye for architecture will notice influences from the Baroque, Renaissance and Byzantine periods, which have all contributed in their own unique style to this serene paradise. The iconic San Marco square is the bustling heartbeat and epicentre for international visitors, but it is the hidden treasures waiting around each corner which will bring unexpected yet unforgettable memories.

First and foremost, Venice is world-renowned for its inherent romance. The timeless allure of Venice’s canali, campi and calli will always attract large numbers of visitors, however there are still plenty of opportunities to indulge in the more secluded, luxury spots that are unknown to those who visit en-masse.

Wrought from the fruits of the sea upon which she rests, Venetian cuisine can be just as sublime as the city itself, especially when you uncover the exquisite restaurants that lie away from the hustle and bustle of San Marco and the canal-side establishments. Speciality dishes are created from freshly caught seafood, such as cuttlefish and squid, and locally sourced produce which are all masterfully infused together by elite chefs. Be sure to try cicchetti, Venice’s own take on tapas, while sampling a delicious shadow wine. If passing through Venice in February, there is no better way to take in the Renaissance culture and glittering Venetian lifestyle than during the yearly Carnavale, where the city bursts into vivid colour led by pulsating drums and jubilant cheers.


A classic and sophisticated yachting destination, Cyprus has everything for a perfect superyacht adventure. Glittering beaches of ivory sands will greet you from your yacht, treating you to blissful, sun-kissed seclusion before you venture on to discover the ancient gem of inland Cyprus.
This is an island country which has preserved traditions while developing quietly to become one Europe’s luxurious modern getaways. With an intriguing history deeply influenced by ancient Greece and old-world Turkey, Cyprus is culturally enthused with the best of East Mediterranean traditions and customs.


Cyprus is well-endowed with plush beaches which makes it perfect for leisurely stops during a superyacht charter, where you can tender over to enjoy a day in sun-soaked havens. The variety of beaches means there is something for every demographic to enjoy. The shallow waters and golden sand at Coral Bay make it ideal for families travelling with children, while Protaras Beach boasts translucent waters and a flourishing marine life which attract diving enthusiasts.
There are plenty of activities to add thrills to your stay in Cyprus, from hikes through the Troodos National Forest Park to the bustling town of Nicosia, where guests can browse authentic crafts at local markets and immerse themselves in a relaxing atmosphere.


In this remote corner of the Italian coast, resting on a lush slop of hills, is the bewitching Renaissance-era settlement of Urbino.
The UNESCO World Heritage listed city is well protected by surrounding 14th century walls. Within the boundaries is a sprawling collection of ancient delights, with the stunning Palazzo Ducale as the prominent centre attraction. This is a must-do for charterers with an interest in art, as Urbino is home to an array of fascinating galleries which unlock mysteries of the past in inspiring fashion.

Cultural Charms of the East Mediterranean (10 days Dubrovnik to Venice)

In this 10-day superyacht itinerary you will experience a perfect balance between the charming romanticism of Italy’s east coast intertwined with the fascinating historical delights of Croatia. An adventure befitting for a superyacht, you will be hopping between secluded islands and captivating cities all while finding plenty of time to enjoy the luxury of your yacht and the peace of the water.

Day 1-2: Dubrovnik

Your journey will begin in the imposing city of Dubrovnik on mainland Croatia. The awe-inspiring historical architecture that stands proudly above the port will have you at once transported to a different era, ready to experience something new and completely clear your mind.
An ideal place to whet your appetite for exploration, you will need at least a full day to immerse yourself in the cultural splendour of Dubrovnik. You will wander through the narrow streets of this enchanting and timeless city, stopping at casual coffeehouses to enjoy the shimmering sunsets against ancient ramparts. Heading into the Old Town, you will find designer boutiques to satisfy your luxury needs, as well as modern galleries and glorious gardens.

Come the evening, the Stradum which cuts through the old city is the perfect location to uncover hidden bars and chic restaurants where you can sample the first of the Mediterranean tastes that will infuse your journey with pleasure. While you will no doubt spend much time looking up at the magnificent Fort of St Lawrence from the comfort of your superyacht, you may choose to take to the water to explore the scenic route that leads from the Fort over to the stunning Bay of Zupa Dubrovacka.

Day 3: Dubrovnik to Korčula

You will wake to enjoy breakfast in Dubrovnik, sampling the sigh of the Fort of St Lawrence once more as you then depart to cruise north where we will bring you to the historical island paradise of Korčula. With your taste for adventure and discovery now established, you will be more than ready to delve into this exhilarating destination. Korčula is the birthplace of legendary explorer Marco Polo, with whom you now share the thrill of adventure. In Korčula you will gaze at the intriguing Bishop’s Palace and array of historical churches, before booking in to see a traditional Moreska dance, a truly unique figment of Croatian art.
Once your appetite for learning is satisfied, you will be well and truly rewarded with a taste of the flourishing nightlife scene on this vibrant island. Korčula boasts many high-end bars and clubs where you can share stories or simply let loose with pumping music from major DJs until the early morning. Quieter evenings can be spent in the elegant seafood restaurants that will treat you to fresh produce and cosy settings amongst the charming cobbled streets of the main town.

Day 4: Korčula to Hvar Island

From Korčula you will sail for another unique experience in Hvar Island, considered one of the brightest and stunningly beautiful destinations in the East Mediterranean. You will spend a day full of luxury pampering and relaxation in the jet-set haven of Hvar.

In the picturesque Hvar town, you will find unbridled luxury in the form of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and bars. The alleyways of Groda, to the north of the Hvar, are teeming with high class restaurants with unique takes on traditional dishes. For after dinner entertainment, a vibrant nightlife waits to help you let loose and unwind as you fall into a blissful state of mind. You will find secluded beaches in the southern archipelago of Pakleni, home to glittering waters and stunning views that encapsulates the spirit of the Adriatic.

Day 5: Hvar Island to Split

From Hvar you will sail for more adventure in the living-museum of Split. A superyacht charter should endow its guests with new experiences and unique interactions, and there are few places which offer this in greater quantities than Split. This impressive town is an archaeologist’s fantasy, brimming with historical and cultural monuments which include the powerful Diocletian’s Palace.

Take a leisurely walk through the town and you will soon find yourself in one of the alluring piazzas, where chic cafés and restaurants will greet you as you embrace a slower pace of life.

Day 6-8: Sibenik, Losinj, Rab, Cres, Porec

It is now time to get the most out of your superyacht, and take to the waters with the explorer’s mentality that you have no doubt picked up from your fascinating experiences so far. Using Split as a base, you will cruise the glistening waters of the surrounding cruising grounds where you become the expedition leader. Whether you are after secluded beaches or historical fortresses, you will find all along the way as you explore the delights of the Adriatic coast of Croatia. Your travels will bring you to enchanting cities such as Šibenik, home of the 15th century stone Cathedral of St James, as well as the beachy paradise Lošinj – where striking bays and mesmerizing landscapes make it a superyacht charterer’s dream.

Day 9-10: Venice

Finding a destination to top off the authentic discovery of your last week is no simple task, which is why your final stop will be at the quintessential yachting and luxury sanctuary of Venice.
There is no better way to experience the unique glamour of Venice than on a luxury superyacht charter. Arriving at the extravagant lagoon city, the iconic skyline of the Basilica in San Marco will capture your imagination and send you straight into a state of awe.
You will immerse yourself in the romanticism of this captivating Italian city, while enjoying the modern luxury and exclusivity that you have become accustomed to onboard your superyacht. Explore the intimate cafes of San Polo, the profound history of San Marco and even enjoy peace and quiet in the outer islands. Here you are bound to discover first-hand places and environments that you have read about in books, including the famed Harry’s Bar where famous writers, artists aristocrats and kings would gather in the past.