For explorer and expedition superyachts, Patagonia is the ultimate adventure. Here you can explore remote areas with diverse landscapes and natural wonders from the luxury of your yacht, venturing inland to discover a pure and scenic area of the world with little human trace.

Covering the southern areas of both Argentina and Chile, divided by the Andes Mountains in between, this is a mesmerising journey for superyacht charters.
The Argentinian city of Ushuaia is at the southernmost tip of the continent, a quaint settlement which is capital of Tierra del Fuego. Superyachts can be placed in an area nicknamed as ‘The End of the World’, a gateway to Antarctica, where a dramatic backdrop of snow-capped mountains provides an exhilarating scene for cruising.

The beaches and islands surrounding Ushuaia are easily accessible, and provide ample opportunity for different experiences to be included in your charter itinerary. This is an area that very few are privileged to have travelled to and uncovered, and there is so much more that can be seen when exploring with the freedom of a superyacht. Cruising through the Beagle Channel strait, you will be exposed to a phenomenal array of wildlife, including penguins, seals and cormorants who all inhabit this arctic environment.
El Calafate and Rio Gallegos are other Argentinian cities in Patagonia which welcome visitors. Rio Gallegos is a popular starting point for Patagonian adventures, while El Calafate has been declared as Argentina’s national capital of glaciers.
San Carlos de Bariloche, or Bariloche, is Argentina’s answer to the Swiss Alps experience. Bariloche overlooks the stunning glacial lake of Nahuel Huapi, and is a leisure epicentre in the middle of a glorious national park that is well-visited by yacht charters. This is an area that thrives all-year-round, always brimming with exciting activities, notably skiing, snowboarding and trekking. Bariloche is also home to a selection of opulent resorts and spas, allowing guests to indulge in a pristine environment.
In the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares on the Argentinian side of Patagonia, you will discover enthralling ice fields and a 30-kilometre glacier named Perito Moreno. The arctic regions of Patagonia offer superyachts a unique cruising experience through dazzling crystal-clear blue waters. The Strait of Magellan in Chile is an awe-inspiring area of gleaming glaciers, populated by flocks of penguins to provide guests with thrilling natural encounters.
On the Chilean side of Patagonia are exclusive luxury ski resorts which are perfect for charter guests looking for some action and adventure during their stay in Patagonia. Cordillera Darwin is a majestic mountain range where expedition yachts thrive on the challenge of the icy fjords. This is a hotspot for activities such as hiking, mountaineering and ice climbing as guests immerse themselves in the snow-capped peaks and coastal glaciers which typify this region.
The Parque Nacional Torres del Paine is one of Chile’s star attractions, known for its imposing mountainous landscape and abundant wildlife. With emerald forests surrounding teal and azure lakes, this region is primed for adventures both on land and water, ideal for diverse charter itineraries.
Ice Age Exploration in the Chilean Fjords (6 Day Superyacht Charter in Patagonia)

Patagonia is one of the world’s most precious natural gems, a region of untamed wilderness and breath-taking glaciers. A superyacht charter in Patagonia is a unique experience, one where you will be exposed to awe-inspiring ice formations, magnificent landscapes and charming coastal villages along the way. In this itinerary, you will immerse yourself in the mystical wonders on the Chilean side of Patagonia.

Day 1: Puerto Montt

Your superyacht charter through the Chilean fjords will begin in the port city of Puerto Montt, 1,000 kilometres south of the capital, Santiago. Puerto Montt is a gateway to both the Patagonian fjords and the Andes mountains, and you may well have spent time exploring the Andes before meeting your superyacht. After settling into your luxury superyacht with some welcome drinks, you will set sail through the Llanquihue archipelago. This is an area of immense natural beauty, characterised by the stunning San Rafael Glacier and Lake Llanquihue.

Your first stop will be the quaint village of Quemchi on the island of Chiloé, where you can wander through market streets and become acquainted with the local culture. Quemchi is also home to the museum of the Chilean author Francisco Coloane. Spending time relaxing on the bay, you will soon be adjusted to a slower pace of life, clearing your head and you prepare to explore a remote paradise.

Day 2: Puerto Aguirre & Isla Barrientos

From Chiloé, you will board your superyacht and cross the Gulf of Corvocado, arriving to sail through the Moraleda and Ferronave Channels. You are now heading into the ice fields of Chile, taking in immense scenery whilst indulging in the luxury amenities of your superyacht. You will stop at the charming fishing village of Puerto Aguirre, where you can disembark your superyacht to delve into a unique ecosystem in the Patagonian rainforest. The diverse natural splendour of Patagonia will enrich your charter experience with thrilling wildlife encounters. Embracing the pure adventurism of sailing, you will make your way to the rocky islets of Isla Barrientos. This island is home to one of the largest seabird colonies, including Kelp Gulls and Red-legged Cormorants. Surrounded by an amazing range of fauna, you will feel at one with a unique natural environment. Following a memorable time in Isla Barrientos, your superyacht charter will take you into the icy fjords of San Rafael.

Day 3: San Rafael & Fiordo Quitralco

Sailing along San Rafael bay, you will approach an incredible Glacier where your superyacht will take on an extreme climate. This is exactly the type of exhilarating adventure that explorer and expedition yachts are destined for, and you will channel your inner adventurer as you cruise past multi-coloured ice floes. In the San Rafael National Park, you will venture across crystalline waters to uncover a richly diverse biosphere filled with snowcaps, rivers and an enchanting lagoon. The arc-shaped lagoon is an imposing statement of natural beauty which has become a postcard image of Patagonia. In the heart of a 30,000-year-old glacier, you will gaze at the mesmerising icy-beauty of this area from the luxury of your superyacht. There are also opportunities to immerse yourself in the surrounding nature, with an array of activities including mountains treks and fishing to be enjoyed here. From San Rafael, the next destination on your charter itinerary is the Fiordo Quitralco. This is an amazing region characterised by lush vegetation and thriving flora and fauna.

Day 4: Fiordo Quitralco & Chiloé

Waking up to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast on the decks of your superyacht, you will be ready to explore the treats of the Fiordo Quitralco. The main attraction here are the local hot springs, where you can relax in both open air and covered pools with temperatures between 30 and 32 degrees Celsius. After enjoying a cruising experience in the inner fjord, you will pass through the Moraleda and Pérez Norte Channels to reach the distinctive island of Chiloé. Palafitos, houses mounted on stilts, line the waters of Chiloé, and venturing into the towns you will discover iconic wooden churches along with a rich spiritual culture. The dense forests and wild national parks will add more diversity to your charter itinerary, giving you the opportunity to see a new side of South America.

Day 5: Islote Conejos

On your way to Islote Conejos, you will enjoy a thrilling cruise through the Leucayec Channel where your superyacht will stop off at Melinka, an island that was once a sanctuary for pirates in the region.
Continuing across the Gulf of Corcovado, you will spend quality time with family and friends onboard your superyacht while looking out for Blue and Alfaguaras whales. Reaching the beautiful coastline of Islote Conejos, you will venture ashore for a memorable nature experience with the Magellanic penguins who inhabit the island. After a short sail, your next stop will bring you to the village of Dalcahue where guests will explore vibrant arts fairs and unwind in a pleasant waterfront environment.

Day 6: Puerto Montt

The last evening onboard your luxury superyacht will certainly be a memorable one, and after a week of fine cuisine and opulent amenities you will sail back towards Puerto Montt feeling invigorated.
During your charter you will have experienced diverse landscapes and enthralling wilderness, from glaciers to lush rainforests, all from the comfort of your superyacht. Now in Puerto Montt, this is an opportunity to indulge in fresh seafood and spend some time exploring the onshore areas which include the Calbuco Volcano.