Singapore is a thriving melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures, all fusing together in an ultra-modern cityscape which is known worldwide as a sparklingly clean utopia.
When chartering through the remote Malaysian and Indonesian islands, Singapore is a perfect stop-off to take a break from an isolated retreat and indulge in the pleasures of a modern city.

The privacy and exclusivity afforded to individuals in this sovereign city-state is the ultimate match for superyacht travellers. The city is famed for being among the cleanest and safest in the world, free from pollution of the air and roads, and guests can roam the streets to explore the Asian delights that fill the colourful markets. The diverse languages, colours, and tastes stem from the widely international influences that all meet in the city of Singapore, from Chinese to Malay and Western cultures.

There is fine dining aplenty in Singapore’s stylish Michelin start restaurants, some adjoined to the world-famous hotels. A visit to the opulent Raffles Hotel will transport you back in time with its strikingly colonial design and exemplary service. No visit can be complete without tasting an original Singapore sling, first created at Raffles Hotel by barman Ngiam Tong Boon.

Take in all of Singapore’s glamour and action from the top of the iconic Marina Bay Sands, the commercial heartbeat of the city. You will be left in awe of the skyline and cityscape from the exciting surrounding of the SkyPark. Browse both up-and-coming and world-renowned designers in boutique shops located at Orchard Road, or investigate the intriguing antiques found in the Chinatown shops.

The urbanised city-centre is balanced with sensational landscapes and sparkling reservoirs. Singapore is one of only two cities in the world to have retained a patch of primary rainforest, with the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve well preserved since its establishment in 1883. Climb the 163-metre-high slopes in Bukit Timah for one of the most scintillating and unique experiences to be found in a city. For a taste of the glitz and glamour, visit Singapore in September when the Formula 1 comes to town. There is no better time to see Singapore lit up in all its glory than during the Grand Prix, attracting visitors from all over the world to enjoy the vibrant city life.

Asian Fusion: City Chic Meets Island Ideals

This is an itinerary which truly encompasses the very best of chic cosmopolitan city life and dazzling deserted island. You will leave feeling refreshed, energised, and richer with unique experiences.
Over the course of the week, the superyacht charter will treat you to both balmy beach relaxation and big-city adventure. There will be opportunities to indulge in Singapore’s famous shopping districts before escaping to the surrounding underwater wonderlands of Malaysia. Throughout your time, a traditional and stunningly beautiful Asian backdrop provides the perfect setting.

Day 1: Singapore – Aur

Your superyacht journey begins from the sensational port of Singapore. The city is a cultural melting pot which will delight you with michelin star culinary treats, sky-high gardens and an array of designer boutiques for a dose of retail therapy.

When strolling through Singapore, you are likely to notice how clean and fresh the urban spaces are. The city’s commitment to sustainability has also endowed it with breath-taking green skyscrapers that form living ecosystems on top of a thriving business hub, creating a unique cityscape. A trip to Singapore is not complete without a stop at Marina Bay and the iconic Marina Bay Sands luxury and lifestyle complex. After indulging in the award-winning restaurant, be sure to enjoy a cocktail and an inspiring view from the rooftop infinity pool. You will then sail overnight towards Aur, where your island escape will begin in one of the gems of the Tioman Islands.

Day 2: Pulau Aur

On Malaysia’s east coast is the Pulau Aur Island, a favourite among private superyachts who have shared the secret of this destination’s serene white beaches and captivating corals.

Between Pulau Dayang and Pulau Aur are crystal clear, tranquil waters which are perfect for exploring the wonderful marine life living below. As part of the Johor Marine Park, Aur offers a simply awe-inspiring island escape brimming with sea life and secluded bliss which caters to a superyacht experience. Taking to the water, you will have the chance to encounter schooling yellowtails and rainbow-runners, while also keeping an eye out for dolphins and rays among others known to inhabit the area. Hard and soft corals shelter the colourful marine life to provide perfect diving conditions around the eastern areas. As well as attracting superyachts for the privacy and exclusivity of the calm waters, the area provides fantastic grounds for sport fisherman, hoping to catch marlins and sailfish.

Day 3-4: Aur – Pemanggil – Tioman

From the anchorage at Pulau Aur, a short cruise on your superyacht will take you to Pulau Pemanggil, another island within the Johor Marine Park with its own unique offering. More than the sun-kissed beaches and remarkable diving and snorkelling, the remote island of Permanggil is a natural treasure with adventure-laden jungle treks. Teluk Lancang, to the north-east of the Island, is lined with coconut trees leading to the tropical vegetation that make up a unique landscape.

The Buau Rock, found in the centre of Permanggil Island, is an imposing outcrop that is the source of local mystery, and is regarded as the sacred guardian of the island. For visiting guests, the Buau Rock offers an exciting hike to the top where you will be rewarded with the stunning panoramic view of the surrounding waters and islands. A more leisurely walk can be made across the island by following the charming wooden walkway.

Jungle adventures and waterfall swims waits for you at the next stop, Tioman Island. Tioman is heralded as a geological wonder and an ecological paradise, drawing in visitors from around the world who contribute to the vibrant atmosphere around the Island. Tioman is fantastic for exploring the pristine rainforest and immaculate coral reefs, and for keen golfers there is a scenic 18-hole golf course.

Day 5: Tioman – Sibu

You will set up anchor against the rustic fishing villages of Pulau Sibu and Pulau Tinggi where you will enjoy quiet beach escapes that will have you feeling detached from the stresses of the world. Both Islands are ideal destinations for guests to relax and recharge in peaceful surroundings, allowing you to make the most of the luxury amenities onboard your superyacht and perhaps even some toys and tenders to take to the water.

Pulau Tinggi translates as ‘Tall Island’, a name given to the Island for its 600 metre high hill – the second highest point of the Seri Buat Archipelago. Here, isolated from any fast-paced urban environments, you will unwind and take in the superb scenery while also trying out more snorkelling and suba diving opportunities in an official marine park. Get to know the nature on the island by making a visit to the turtle sanctuary, or explore the sparkling waters by canoe to be at the heart of the action.

Day 6-7: Sibu – Singapore

The last days of your charter will be spent soaking up all the luxury of one of the world’s most desirable cities. After a week spent immersed in the secluded, paradisiacal natural wonders of the surrounding islands, your return to Singapore will ease you back into contemporary civilisation with an abundance of luxury experiences and entertainment.

It is likely that since leaving Singapore at the start of this itinerary, you have spoken about the things that you would still like to experience in the city. Perhaps these include a meal at the 3 Michelin Star Joël Robuchon Restaurant, or a walk through the UNESCO World Heritage listed Botanic Gardens. There are plenty of activities to explore around Singapore, from underground or rooftop bars, to opulent spas and beach club resorts. You can choose to stay onboard your superyacht, or spend a night in one of the luxury hotels, including the ocean suites at the RWS.