Well-established as a premier superyacht destination, time seems to pause in the blissful Caribbean as you slip into the relaxing harmony of this beautiful region. With over 7,000 sumptuous islands to explore, charters in the Caribbean have inexhaustible potential.

The Caribbean islands epitomise the laid-back barefoot island retreat. Stepping off your yacht you are greeted by ivory sand beaches, where walking between the palm trees you can set off on a sun-soaked adventure. Each island has its own thriving culture to experience, where a rare diversity is rich in arts, music, and culinary excellence. No matter what your dream experience may be, you will find it in the Caribbean.

The abundant cruising grounds of the Caribbean give you the chance to explore unspoilt living reefs or take to your water toys to add a touch of adrenaline to your adventure. A winter season spent in the Caribbean is an amazing opportunity to delve into the fascinating colonial history of the islands, while immersing yourself in the strong local cultures. There is so much to uncover in each of these tropical islands, from volcanic land masses to sugar cane crops and the thriving flora and fauna. The Caribbean is an extraordinary experience that is at its most exhilarating when discovered by superyacht.  

The Bahamas are perhaps the jewel of the Caribbean, brimming with crystal clear waters and pristine deserted beaches. Discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, the region is often referred to as the West Indies since Columbus mistakenly believed he had reached the Indies (Asia). Today, The Bahamas are world-renowned for its truly unique lifestyle and paradisiacal natural beauty. In The Bahamas you can feel truly detached from the world, whether uncovering the fascinating pirate history, navigating the hustle and bustle of the port or simply indulging in the blissful Bahamanian sun.